Aircraft & Rates

3 Cessna 172s 4 Cessna 152s
 3 Cessna 172s  5 Cessna 152s  4 Piper Cherokee Warriors 2 Mooney M20J’s

Aircraft Reimbursement Rates

Rates subject to change, please contact the club to verify current rates.

Instruction Rates

Members may independently engage an instructor from a list of FAA-certified instructors who have been approved by the Club Chief Flight Instructor to provide instruction to Club members who use Club aircraft.  Club-approved instructors have agreed to the following rates for their professional services to Club members.

Flight Instruction – $35.00 per hour (Rate will increase to $50.00 per hour on October 15th)

* Note: The Club can arrange access to a Twin Comanche for multi-engine training for members who wish to advance beyond the commercial and instrument ratings.

Other Rates

BATD Flight Simulator – $15.00 per hour.
The simulator is FAA compliant and may be utilized for logging instrument training hours.