Private Pilot Ground School

Not only will this course cover all of the FAA-mandated subject material for the Private Pilot, we will also take an in-depth look at safety and operational issues.

Principal Topics to be covered are:

  • Aerodynamics and Control
  • Engines and Structures (Hands-On in the Maintenance Hangar)
  • Instrumentation
  • Weather Theory and Interpretation
  • FAA Regulations
  • Air Traffic Control Procedures
  • Flight Fitness and Medical Considerations
  • Safety, Decision-Making, Judgment, and Common Errors
  • Radio Communications
  • Navigation Fundamentals plus Radio and GPS Navigation
  • Airspace and Security
  • Flight Planning and Chart Interpretation (Practice with Aviation Plotter and Wind Computer. Cartography.)

Fun, informative!

There are typically 30 students in this class; young and older, men and women. Learning is enhanced by the sharing of experiences by others who are slightly more advanced in their training and who have the unique perspective of a student pilot.

*** Please read below what others have said about this ground school***

Serious Training

This is a 48-hour course (16 3-hour classes) including subject material given as a full-credit at some major universities. It is thorough and both practical and theory based. However, given the enthusiasm of the students and instructors, it has always been a fun and rewarding experience for all!


Your instructors for this course will be a team of experienced Club flight instructors.


Club ground school courses are taught in our air-conditioned classroom overlooking the approach end of Runway 3 and the Sanford airport. The Club is located at 702 Rod Sullivan Rd, Sanford, NC, 27330. It is just off Rt. 1 at exit 76.


The classes are taught in the evening beginning at 7:00 PM and are typically on Wednesday evenings. (Mondays and Wednesdays for the summer session.) For specific dates, please see the ground school page.


Tuition cost for this class is $195 payable upon registration. A $15 discount is offered for members of the Club. The tuition is payable to the instructor.

First two classes are FREE!

In order to allow students to experience the class environment to see if they would like to take the entire course, we offer the first two Private Pilot classes (6 hours) free of charge, and no pre-registration is required. Simply show up for the first two classes. Based on the first two classes you can decide to continue to take the entire course or not.

Course Registration

Pre-registration is not required –simply show up for the first two classes. However, if you decide to take the entire course, you must formally register for the course and pay the tuition before the third class. Full information about how to register will be explained during the first two classes. Registration forms can be found on the Club website under the “Documentation and Forms” tab.

Books and Materials

– The required and optional recommended books and the other materials needed for the course (plotter and E6B calculator) range from $140 to over $175 depending on the selection. The Club supplies these materials at wholesale pricing.
– Check is the most preferred method of payment. Please make checks payable to “Wings of Carolina”.
– Cash is also accepted but please bring the exact amount. We aren’t able to make change.
– Credit cards can be processed manually by filling out credit card information on the order form. (Card swiping is not available)

Here is what others have said about this ground school:

Quotes from Recent Private Ground School Evaluation Forms.

“Covered an amazing amount of information in an effective manner -easy to understand & digest. Excellent anecdotes. Would recommend this class to anybody starting off.” Jason Ki. 7/2019

“Very happy I took this course. Much more challenging than expected! Can’t imagine trying to internalize the information without having done this class.” Derek J. 5/2018

“One of the best courses I’ve ever taken. Really gave me invaluable knowledge. I particularly enjoyed the basics of flight as aerodynamics [were] explained very well.” Martin T. 12/2017

“This was an excellent class that I looked forward to attending every week. I felt fortunate to be taught by someone who is not only knowledgeable, but passionate about flying.” David F. 12/2016

“This course far, far exceeds my original ground school course I took when I got my Private. Great Review!” Geoffrey M. 12/2016

“I assumed [that the course description] was overstated. It is just as rigorous as described!” Franklin S. 7/2016

“How you keep a 3-hour class from getting boring is a miracle. So good!” Katherine C. 7/2013.

“By far the best ground school I have ever taken. I will definitely take additional ground schools at the club as I pursue additional ratings. Thanks again for a great classroom experience.” Jason Ke. 12/2015

“Wow! I wish I had found this club and John some seventeen years ago when I just earned my private pilot certificate. I am happy to be “back” and associated with this organization.” Steve C. 4/2014

“Loved the course. Most interesting discussions about weather that I’ve ever heard.” Diana R. 4/2013