Flight Training

The Club offers a complete range of pilot training. Currently over 50 pilots are in training with the Club, some of whom will go on to professional flying careers.

Private Pilot: Students from all walks of life train with the Club to obtain Private Pilot certification. This internationally recognized certificate authorizes day or night flight with passengers to any civilian airport.

Instrument Rating: Experienced pilots train with the Club to obtain the skills and knowledge to fly safely in the clouds and in reduced visibility. In addition to the Club fleet, an approved training device (“simulator”) is used to efficiently prepare students.

Commercial Certificate: A commercial pilot certificate is required for flying for hire. The Club trains pilots for the commercial certificate utilizing its retractable-gear Mooney fleet which is fully equipped with GPS and other advanced avionics.

Multi Engine Rating: A Club instructor will train students for a Multi Engine rating in a PA-30 (Twin Comanche) aircraft which has been fitted with FAA-approved larger engines for increased safety in training.

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