Ground Schools

John at ground school (small)“Ground School” is a term used in the aviation industry to indicate the necessary training that takes place in a classroom, as opposed to in the cockpit of an airplane. Ground school courses provide the theoretical introduction to aerodynamics, engines and systems, weather, navigation, and many other subjects. The Club offers ground school courses for Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Pilot. Club ground school classes are taught in our air-conditioned classroom overlooking the approach end of Runway 3 and the Sanford airport.

The ground school courses offered by the Club are designed to go well beyond the FAA-mandated curriculum and include a substantial emphasis on safety and operational issues in addition to the required technical subjects. While we make sure that all students are prepared to successfully pass the FAA knowledge test, we are committed to the notion that all of our students should be thoroughly grounded in theory and practical understanding. Consequently our ground schools are far more thorough and interactive than what is typically found in the industry. We pride ourselves on top-notch instruction from experienced instructors and allow for plenty of time for questions and interactions with fellow students in the class in addition to “hands on” experience with airplanes in our maintenance hangar. … And we always are sure to make our classes fun and enjoyable for all!

John at ground school 2 (small)All are welcome to attend our ground schools! You do not have to be a Club member. Preregistration is not required, just show up the night of the first class to join.

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