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The Wings of Carolina Flying Club is a membership organization. Membership in the Club is open to any interested individual who agrees to abide by our By-Laws and Standard Operating Procedures and who demonstrates an attitude of safety consciousness, courtesy, and service to the Club and to the community.

Aircraft operated by the Club are flown exclusively by Club members in accordance with Club rules and Standard Operating Procedures. Members may fly Club aircraft by reimbursing the Club’s pro-rated costs which are periodically posted by the Club.

When comparing Wings of Carolina Flying Club with traditional aircraft rental companies Wings of Carolina provides:

Beyond access to a fleet of aircraft and excellent instruction, Wings of Carolina also provides a warm social climate. You can get to know your fellow members and swap aviation experiences through our social events such as:

  • Club meetings
  • Monthly cookouts
  • Monthly safety seminars
  • Mechanical sessions on the planes
  • Club flying trips to aviation destinations(like Oshkosh Fly-In and Smithsonian Air & Space at Dulles)

Whether you have only dreamed of flying and await your first flight or you are professional pilot searching for a fun way to fly you and your family on trips around the country, check us out and see if the club’s fun atmosphere and focus on aviation excellence is a good fit for you.

Download Application (PDF)