Taxi Tips

Position awareness and aircraft control begin with engine start-up and taxi. Always have brakes firmly applied during start-up. During taxi make it a point to keep the nose wheel on the yellow line. Cutting corners can end up being a costly mistake (AIM describes its purpose as being used for obstacle clearance) along with exhibiting a disregard for operational procedures.

Suggestions: Try not to review checklists, maps or copy a clearance while the aircraft is in motion. Limit taxi speed to that of a brisk walk. Have destination airport diagrams and be familiar. Upon arrival if you are confused exit active runway and after being turned over to ground control request “progressive taxi instructions” to your destination. Be familiar with and review taxiway signs. If your windscreen has condensation and visibility is obstructed for this or any other reason, do not move the aircraft until you can see.

Question & Answer: What do you do at an airport with parallel taxiways that are close together? When turning onto an assigned taxiway you should always go around the sign.

References: AIM 4-3-18 / 4-3-19 / 2-3-4-(b); Flight Training Magazine, Feb 2003

These safety tips are provided by the WCFC Safety Committee. They are intended to stimulate thought and discussion about flight safety and do not necessarily represent club policy nor are they intended to replace instruction from a qualified instructor.

Taxi Tips