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Safety Tip: Directional Control

Every year the FAA has loss of directional control during takeoff and landing as one of the 3 leading accident producers. Because of slow airspeeds few of these are fatal but do result in personal injury and substantial damage to the aircraft.
These types of accidents are generally an accumulation of 2 or more contributing factors [...]

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Wings of Carolina Flying Club

At Wings of Carolina Flying Club, our mission is to provide safe aeronautical training, low cost aviation education, inexpensive hourly aircraft rates, and flying fun.

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Visiting the Club

Prospective members are always welcome to visit the club! Visit the club location at Raleigh Executive Jetport on Saturday and Sunday between 1 and 4pm to talk with a Club Ambassador. See directions for how to find us!

Attend a Second Saturday cookout or Pizza Night / Safety Meeting (see Events for details) to chat with club members and instructors.

About Us

As a not-for-profit organization, Wings of Carolina is able to provide aircraft for member use at a low hourly rate compared with profit driven operations. Our ground school classes, seminars, and other events are open to the public. Membership is open to any individual who agrees to support the Club and its mission. Click to read more …

Ground School Schedule

2014 Fall Private Pilot Ground School
September 3 through December 17 (Wednesdays 7-10pm)

2014 Fall Commercial Pilot Ground School
September 15 through November 17 (Mondays 7-10pm)

2015 Winter/Spring Private Pilot Ground School
January 7 through April 15 (Wednesdays 7-10pm)

2015 Winter/Spring Instrument Rating Ground School
January 26 through April 6 (Mondays 7-10pm)

All Are Welcome to Take Our Ground Schools!