Safety Tip: Building Good Judgement

Every flight you take should help to build and develop good judgment. Flights should be analyzed for things that could have been done a little better, a little more efficiently, or for a change in the process that makes you feel more comfortable with the flying experience as a whole. In other words, get what […]

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Wings of Carolina Flying Club

At Wings of Carolina Flying Club, our mission is to provide safe aeronautical training, low cost aviation education, inexpensive hourly aircraft rates, and flying fun.

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Waiting List

Due to extraordinary interest in flight training and club membership, our waiting list for initial flight training and checkouts has grown to more than fifty people, and our waiting period to initiate training is now several months.

We continue to welcome new members and hope you will consider the club for your flight training or as a flying member, but in fairness we want you to know that you should plan ahead and reach out to the club sooner rather than later.

We are working to expand our training capacity, but we will do so without compromising the safety and quality of our instruction, and so this will take time.

WCFC COVID-19 Message

The Wings of Carolina has taken steps to attempt to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Members who wish to fly are required to sign a waiver. We invite you to visit the club if you believe yourself to be free of the COVID-19 virus and we ask you to please wear an appropriate mask and follow the guidelines posted at the club. If you have questions about these measures, please call 919.776.2003.

About Us

As a not-for-profit organization, Wings of Carolina is able to provide aircraft for member use at a low hourly rate compared with profit driven operations. Our ground school classes, seminars, and other events are open to the public. Membership is open to any individual who agrees to support the Club and its mission. Click to read more …

Ground School Schedule

All are welcome to take our ground schools!

2021 Winter/Spring Private Pilot Ground School
January 6 through April 21 (Wednesdays 7-10pm)

2021 Winter/Spring Instrument Rating Ground School
January 25 through April 12 (Mondays 7-10pm)

2021 Summer Private Pilot Ground School
May 17 through July 15 (Mondays and Thursdays 7-10pm)*

2021 Fall Private Pilot Ground School
August 23 through December 13 (Wednesdays 7-10pm)*

2021 Fall Commercial Pilot Ground School
September 11 through November 27 (Mondays 7-10pm)*

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wings of Carolina ground schools will be conducted via ZOOM until further notice. Pilots interested in the Private Pilot Ground School starting on January 6, 2021 or the Instrument Rating Ground School starting on January 25, 2021 may attend the first two classes free of charge using the Zoom invitations on the Private or Instrument ground school pages. If you have any questions for the Club staff or to express your interest, please contact the Flying Club at 919-776-2003, option 3, or email the ground instructor at (

For full details on the Ground School Courses go to the “Ground Schools” page, and from there click on the specific class you may wish to take.


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